I write and edit content for universities and other research institutions, primarily on biomedical and business management topics. I've produced features, profiles, newsletter articles, white papers, blog posts, and case studies on subjects ranging from pain treatment to bankruptcy regulations.

Clients have included Stanford UniversityLucile Packard Children's Hospital, Johns Hopkins MedicineNorthwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, Yale School of Management, and the NIH's Center for Cancer Research.

For a comprehensive list of all my communications clients and an explanation of how I avoid conflicts of interest with my journalism, please see my COI Statement.


U.S. National Institutes of Health's Center for Cancer Research

I wrote stories about new studies and initiatives for the center’s website. Some samples:

A slow "catch and release" process prolongs immune attack on cancer cells

DNA-damaging drugs show promise in helping treat dogs with lymphoma

Clinical trial explores new glioblastoma treatment regimen

Foregut cancers get new attention at CCR

Researchers uncover cause of genetic anomaly linked to cancer

Low-grade prostate tumors can harbor signs of aggressive cancer

Johns Hopkins Medicine

‘Recycling protein’ shown to affect learning and memory in mice

U.S. Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

A physicist in the cancer lab (symmetry)
Nicole Ackerman's research on Cherenkov radiation, the blue glow from charged particles outracing light, could aid development of cancer treatments (pdf)

Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford

I wrote articles about new facilities and initiatives for the hospital's quarterly Physician Update newsletter, targeted at referring physicians. Some samples:

Packard Children's opens new hearing center

Pain management team expands services

Packard Children's opens new perinatal diagnostic center

Pediatric urology service ramps up robotic surgery program

Symposium will provide latest information on autism spectrum disorders

Pediatric hematology and oncology expert joins Packard Children's

(As contract writer for Pixel Theory)

I produced content on topics such as liver disease, orphan drugs, and biosimilars for a company that runs clinical trials for pharmaceutical firms. These materials included white papers, newsletter articles, case studies, and webinar abstracts; I also helped scientists with blog posts. Some examples:

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: Key considerations for drug development (white paper)

Creating a robust reimbursement support program for biosimilars (article)

How to navigate pre-clinical issues in NASH development (blog post)

Understanding 505(b)(2): An abbreviated pathway for modified drugs (blog post)

Business Management

Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management

I write regularly for the online publication Kellogg Insight. Some samples:

No, extended warranties are usually not worth it

China weathered the global recession, but did it prop up the wrong firms?

How closely do our beliefs about social mobility match reality?

Why the panic of 1907 led to a recession

Should you hire someone with a criminal record?

Alaskans get an annual check from the government. How do they spend it?

Abandoning the Electoral College would remake campaign spending

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 11: Which bankruptcy system is better?

Yale School of Management

I write regularly for the online publication Yale Insights. Some samples:

Forgiving debts may boost employment during recessions

Can you trust bad online ratings?

Study leverages peer effects to encourage adoption of hygienic latrines

Seniors aren't learning to choose better prescription insurance plans

Demand for social and cognitive skills is linked to higher firm productivity

When should companies share information with competitors?

When prompting people to make a choice, the consequence of not choosing matters

When should organizations change their mix of products?

Stanford Graduate School of Business

How well do refugees integrate into American society?

Social Sciences

Civic education through social networks (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
In Kenya, civic education programs reached 4.5 million people in advance of the 2002 election

Getting volunteers in the door (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
What are the biggest factors that affect recruiting nonprofit volunteers?

Science and Art

Art neuro (Stanford Magazine)
Alan Rorie's cerebral creations challenge viewers

The sounds of science (Stanford Magazine)
Composer Chris Chafe gives new meaning to synthesizing data

Painting and numbers (Harvard Magazine)
A mathematician plays art detective

Physical Sciences

Bang-up job (California, UC Berkeley)
Astronomers spot a new type of stellar explosion

The stars her destination (California, UC Berkeley)
A business major's epiphany leads her to become a NASA scientist

A physics community (Response, Seattle Pacific University)
At Berkeley, an alum helps students navigate a challenging field

Evidence of things unseen (Santa Clara Magazine, Santa Clara University)
Dark matter makes up 85 percent of the material in our universe, yet scientists have never seen it. That's why physicist Betty Young is looking — right here on Earth

Sweet science (Research & Creative Activity, Indiana University)
Chemists untangle the secrets of sugar


U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory

I worked as a Research Communications Fellow at INL for six months in 2008, writing press releases and website features about lab research in energy, engineering, disaster response, and archaeology. I also wrote and produced podcasts for the INL iTunes channel. Some samples:

Engineer simulates a robot's sense of touch

Secrets of ancient travel routes hidden in ancient rock

Mobile 911 system could be a lifesaver

A smart hybrid car monitor puts the brains in battery testing

Sensitive laser instrument could aid search for life on Mars

Flexible nanoantenna arrays capture abundant solar energy 

Image credit: Dr.Farouk/Flickr/CCBY 2.0