Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Wikimedia Commons


I participated in Infinity Box Theater's Centrifuge project, which paired up science writers and playwrights to produce five 10-minute plays in five days. See a write-up in The Scientist here.

Last Word on Nothing

From 2013-15, I blogged with about 10 other science writers at The Last Word on Nothing, which was named one of the top 101 Signals on the Internet by Wired magazine. Here are some of my favourite posts.

The scientist who became obsessed with magic lanterns
A herpetologist delves into the history of old image projectors

After the crash
How a traffic researcher aided an investigation into three grad students' deaths

Chasing transits
The history of transit observations, from Venus to exomoons

For his bairns, and his bairns' bairns, and their beavers
I interview a pair of environmentalists about raising beavers on an old Scottish estate

Dreams of monsters and coconuts, airports and toilets
Do dreams become more boring with age?

Ye olde scientific writing
The charming oddities of old scientific manuscripts

How to conjure a forest out of thin air
The technology behind the sets of Seattle Opera's Ring cycle

Why I don't run
I try to find out why my legs itch like crazy when I go for a jog

You can find the rest of my posts here.